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Working From Anywhere – it’s working – at last

Almost 10 years ago I moved from the north of NZ to the South Island (proudly referred to here as The Mainland).  I left the infrastructure and convenience of a central city environment and moved to a remote 3,000-acre organic farm about 100km from any city.

This was a leap of faith – a love leap if you like – to live with my passionate organic farmer.  I could not have given up work altogether (for many reasons).  But I jumped gumboots and all into this new environment in the hope that somehow I could create a new way of working.  I offered a “work from farm but travel away often” offering to my corporate and governance clients.  It turned out that this was possible – I worked, I had clients, I travelled a lot and I earned some income.  But it was challenging – the internet speed was tragic, it was incredibly hard to juggle the intellectual work with the hands-on farm team demands and the income was lower than I had earned in many years.

After 5 years of this struggle with the juggle, our lives changed – the farmer agreed to sell his beloved tūrangawaewae (again, for many reasons) and take his love leap with me to Central Otago.  So we did, landing on 10 acres instead where we have created a healthy haven for humans and wildlife alike – read more here.

Another leap forward and we are 5 years into this new life.  We both Work From Anywhere now, and it is working!  With fast internet, clients across New Zealand and a mix of skills, we are helping others to harvest success and grow their ideas.  We are both studying as well as working, to make sure we stay relevant.  We are proudly sowing the seeds of new ideas in the Central Otago region to help others to grow healthy businesses, lives and environments.  Some of the help for others is challenging, even draining – but it is both work (which we need) and working, for us and for others.

C-19’s suffocation of our economy has given new energy and hope to our Working From Anywhere business. We are exploring more new ideas for helping others from home, in Central Otago and across NZ.  I have new hope and new confidence that we can help shape the next decade for others, with more than just hope!

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Need business or wellness help, advice and support as a result of Covid-19? We are registered with the Regional Business Partners’ fully funded business assistance scheme. Get in touch and we can explain how it works.

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