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Please take some time to read these reflections and testimonials from our satisfied clients.

“I joined the Help2Grow Central Otago Entrepreneurs Group earlier this year.  It was fantastic! I had no idea of how much I would gain from connecting with such a diverse, energised and successful group of women. Giselle led us through a series of discussions and shared loads of useful business tools and personal resilience tips. Highly recommend joining the next online group – and I am delighted our group is going to continue meeting monthly

– Anne Ashby-Neilson, Bank Manager Central Otago

“We’ve been working on our future business direction with Giselle from Help2Grow.  As part of the work that she has done for us she helped our team to explore our agility, our internal communication, our business systems and what it means to be a purpose driven business.  Giselle’s facilitation skills were outstanding and she understood our business well.  She was professional, prepared and helped us address some key business needs as a team.

We will certainly be looking for ways to work with her further and extend this relationship.”

– Simon Martin, Partner, Hudson Gavin Martin , Auckland

“We’ve been working with Giselle from Help2Grow as a business coach and governance adviser for the past 6 months. She’s all about helping businesses and individuals to make smart decisions and get their business fit for the future.

Giselle brings a keen interest in business & personal health to the board table.  She is supportive, has loads of ideas for how to modernise your business and address pain points. She immediately took our board processes online and helped us formalise decision making.

She also helps to navigate challenging issues and make tough decisions, with warmth and care for the individuals as well as the business. I don’t know how we would have managed without her!”

– Anna Field, General manager, Limousine Services Queenstown

“Country & Co Realty was growing at a fast pace and the directors required someone to help us re-invent our governance systems. Giselle has installed new ideas, and has a wealth of expertise which she brings to our meetings along with excellent guidance. We are now more effective, efficient and engaged – Giselle brings all her energy to our meetings! She has shown us the way to help us create opportunities and make some difficult decisions. We are very pleased to have her as part of our advisory team and would highly recommend her to any business looking for governance guidance.”

– Paula Laughton , Country & Co Realty

“Giselle developed and led a tailored governance workshop for the Southland Conservation Board.  We enjoyed an active session, got to know each other better and increased our governance confidence.  We certainly received plenty of sound advice for the Board to implement.  We plan to work with Help2Grow again in the future.”

– John Whitehead, Chair, Southland Conservation Board.

“You are a great role model and mentor that I will always be thankful for and proud to support Giselle. Bringing your qualities to this role will be a huge success for anyone that engages you. I have no doubt that you will be a massive asset.

– Daniel Binfield

“Giselle’s governance skills workshop on effective chairing for some of our senior team was brilliant!  She ran through a lot of practical tips and tools to make our meetings more effective.  We learned an enormous amount in just 2 hours and the feedback has been really positive.  We’re looking forward to the next session in a couple of months

– Simone Robbers, Assistant Governor – GM Governance, Strategy & Corporate Relations, Reserve Bank of New Zealand | Te Pūtea Matua

“Giselle helped us to develop a risk strategy and management programme for Immigration NZ … We would not have been able to achieve this without her outstanding and insightful advice.”

– Nigel Bickle, Deputy Chief Executive, Immigration Group, MBIE

“Giselle McLachlan facilitated a session for the Central Lakes Trust Board at which we explored and celebrated the otherwise invisible diversity around the board table.  She also challenged us to think about how board meetings could be run more productively.  Some of these techniques we have already put into practice and we continue to challenge ‘how we do things’ to ensure we have more engaging and productive board meetings.  Giselle conducted an engaging, challenging and enjoyable session that we all benefited from both, individually and collectively”

– Linda Robertson, Chair, Central Lakes Trust

“Giselle received excellent feedback on a recent governance workshop she ran for our government client.  They were delighted with the quality of her preparation, her warmth and her ability to pass on governance concepts to a team with varied experience.  They would happily work with her again”

– Emily Hicks, Business Development Consultant, Institute of Directors

“Graham is so good at encouraging people to be inquisitive about healthy lifestyle options for themselves, and giving meaningful guidance and support. His forte, I think, is listening, and formulating practical advice which is manageable and achievable. And always delivered with a bucket full of fun! He has a great way of connecting with anybody and is passionate about happier and healthier lifestyles for us all! “

– Jean Johnstone (NZGN / DipSpSt)

“As owners of three Alexandra medical practices, we were struggling to make progress in merging our practices into one… With exceptional commitment, positivity, leadership and project management skills Giselle guided us through the merger process leading to the formation of Health Central Ltd. I found Giselle’s combination of skills to be right on the mark for this project and without her involvement I suspect we would have made little progress.” 

– Jonathan Casbolt, Director, Cornerstone Health Ltd

“Graham has been providing us with practical, easy to implement advice since we started Whole 30. In fact, he managed to convince my reluctant stepdaughter to do it and now she sees so many benefits from eating whole food that she wants to continue with Whole 30 until her exams have finished. That’s a major announcement from a teenager who was previously not too keen on vegetables. With Graham’s guidance we’ve gained more confidence in our food choices and we continue to reap the benefits of our non-scale victories. Thanks so much Graham.

–  Emilija Nikolic

“Hey just wanted to personally thank you so much for what was a fantastic week.
I could not ask for a more professional, inspiring and frankly cool facilitator to guide me through my re-introduction to Corporate NZ. I had a real blast!  I hope we will meet again Giselle and thanks again for being you!”

–  Nigel Smith, participant, June CDC

Graham has improved my son’s quality of life beyond recognition. At age 17 George had a serious motor vehicle accident that left him in a coma for a month and for many months afterwards with a stomach feeder as he was unable to tolerate solid food. Six years after the accident, George’s quality of life was seriously diminished – in large part due to the fatigue resulting from brain injury. George craved sugar and chocolate. He slept or napped two or three times daily and was unable to do anything requiring any kind of exertion.

As Graham got to know George, he observed the general fatigue, mood swings and lack of motivation. He believed he could change this pattern and started working with George and his care team to ensure George started eating a high protein, low sugar, gluten and dairy-free diet.
After several months of this new regime, George started to wake in the morning feeling clear headed and bright eyed, his cravings reduced and he needed less sleep/rest during the day. He began an exercise routine including going to the gym and running. He set himself a goal to be able to run 5kms in a reasonable time frame and to run in a Fun Run event. He achieved this goal and was accepted into Outward Bound.

Graham has worked absolute miracles with George. It’s not just what he recommends but the way he does it. He has made George believe in his own ability to improve his life through good nutrition. He continues to work with George to set new goals and to maintain this healthy lifestyle. Although George deviates from the ideal from time-to-time, he now deeply understands how much better he feels with this way of life.

We could never thank Graham enough for helping George to find his best self.”

–  Penny Dever

All the nutrition talks with Graham helped me to realise that I want to become a nutritional therapy practitioner and gave me some direction in life that I haven’t felt in a while.  Thank you for being my support system.  The hospitality, openness, trust and compassion you two show is so refreshing.

Thank you for teaching me all these interesting things about health and nutrition.  I will give that knowledge to my future students.

–  Steffi Bots

“I can’t thank you enough for the genuine care, energy and attention that you put into each and every one of our students.”

– Andy Bemis

“The fact that you are so open and honest draws people to you that is a real advantage. Another asset is that you proclaim to be no expert; someone who has lived life and cured yourself simply by eating wholesome foods. I like where you stated that monitoring the “bad” (for want of a better word) and making up for it with “good” food – shows people that you live in the real world. I think the session could have gone until lunchtime simply because all those ladies were getting so much out of it. I liked the way you let everybody talk about themselves/family – you were so patient and attentive to their needs. 

– Shona Bain, Adult Community Facilitator, Central Otago REAP

“Thank you Graham & Giselle for sharing not only your nutritious food but also all your knowledge… the chance to go gluten and processed sugar free was an amazing opportunity that greatly improved our health. When you add all the great new recipes and meals, we can safely say that they will be great guidance with healthy eating and living in our years ahead.”

– Timea and Kevin Kemp

Your knowledge and ideas on nutrition and healthy living will play a role in our lives forever. We plan to integrate magnesium into our daily routine! From TedX Queenstown to your beautiful library to our dinner discussions – we appreciate your mentor-ship. Thank you for giving us freedom and independence to grow as people here. “

– Sasha and Jackie

“It was mostly by luck that I ended up on Graham and Giselle’s farm one summer when I was traveling as an international student in New Zealand, and little did I know what an impact meeting them would have on my life.

As an Environmental Science student, I had a general understanding of the connection between healthy, organic food and good health, but Graham and Giselle taught me more about it than I ever could have learned in a classroom.

Their commitment to eating well and understanding where their food comes from (usually their own backyard), along with their unwavering dedication to learning more about the science of nutrition was inspiring. Graham and Giselle’s farm became a home to me, halfway around the world from where I live, and I’ll carry my experience with them wherever I go. “

– Amy Wyeth, Maine, USA

“It has become clear that inspiration from you is exactly what I needed right now in my life. Thank you for all the beautiful energy and laughter that you put into absolutely everything you do. It has been rejuvenating. Thanks also for being such an amazing source of inspiration for all of the students. “

– Suzanne Pazandak

Graham and Giselle were a great support to me through some tough times. The environment they provided and advice they gave really helped me to grow. Their straight-up, no nonsense approach was refreshing and at no time did I doubt that when it came to my well being, they really did care and were always genuine in their help. To this day, I take the importance of nutrition and the work ethic they fostered in me into my daily life where it serves me well.

– Cam

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