Our Sustainability Story

We’ve been working from home for much of our lives.  Most recently, home is our 10 acre property at Tarras in Central Otago.

It’s becoming a healthy sustainable environment, home for many creatures beyond the human family who live here.

We are creating a special place with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in mind.  We aim to transform our small part of the world and hopefully encourage others to follow …

  • Growing food organically – fruit, vegetables, nuts for us – and growing many food environments for birds and insects
  • Clean food, water and environment, including bio-friendly waste management
  • Planting trees and shrubs – we’ve already planted thousands of natives and other trees – attracting birds, insects and bees
  • Solar power – for our home and offices, and to power our e-vehicle (Kona Hyundai) which we use to travel around the South Island

Everything is designed to create a healthy environment which enables us and those who visit us to flourish.

UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

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