Standing up for what we believe in!

This year we’ve decided to step up and offer our help to a couple of worthwhile local organisations – both of these are elected positions, so we’re having to compete to help out!

We’re ambitious, and disciplined, loyal and nurturing.  These are all important qualities for leadership in any organisation.

Southern DHB

Graham is standing for election for the Southern DHB – a long shot, perhaps, with 15 candidates. But we believe that the DHB needs a new strategy and a new injection of energy to achieve it.  You can check out his Facebook page for the election here:

Central Lakes Trust

Giselle is standing for the Central Lakes Trust – highly likely to be a very competitive field. The Trust is all about making the Central Lakes community a great place to be.  It would be great to be able to help govern such an important entity locally, instead of travelling out of our region.  We are still waiting to know how many people are standing for the 5 available trustee positions.


Right now we have the time, skills and energy to help out.  Lucky us!

Need business or wellness help, advice and support as a result of Covid-19? We are registered with the Regional Business Partners’ fully funded business assistance scheme. Get in touch and we can explain how it works.

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