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Our good fortune – living and doing business in NZ

We are just back from a trip-of-a-lifetime in Europe – which currently includes the UK – but will it soon?  The adventure was a fantastic health reset, for body, mind and heart ❤️️

We returned to NZ feeling convinced of our very good fortune, living and working here.  It is easy to do business here (yes, compared with others NZ is an easy country to operate in).  We have so many opportunities to thrive, not just survive.  Perhaps the most striking feature though, whether in our own backyard (about 3000 trees and plants so far) or all across the country, is our stunning environment.  We have flora and fauna to be proud of, to preserve and to invest in.  We must not take this for granted.

NZ’s leaders, be they business owners or directors, young or less-young, need to stand up for our very special country and countryside.  Do it now before it is too late.

Our passion for helping the environment affects all the work we do.  We’re proud to live and work in NZ.




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