Wellness Coaching

Central Otago wellness coaches Graham and Giselle are passionate about nutrition and the positive impact it has on your whole life.

Do you want to change your life to experience more energy, spend less on medical bills, have better self-confidence and less stress – but have struggled to make lasting changes in the past, or just want someone to support and guide you along the way?

Central Otago based Graham Clarke & Giselle McLachlan have a certificate in integrative nutrition work with people to bring about lasting transformation in their lives.

With a no-nonsense and dedicated approach, Graham & Giselle will encourage small changes to attain a healthy lifestyle over time. Their coaching approach is to help you to grow your whole life and to be the best you that you can be.

In order to accomplish lasting changes, Graham & Giselle work with their clients holistically. It could be that the reason your previous approaches or routines were ineffective was due to emotional or mental stressors. They will dig deep with you to discover why previous attempts have failed, which will indicate the paths that should work in your individual case.

Through their own personal experiences and revelations, Graham & Giselle changed their nutrition and lifestyle and saw total transformation in their health and thinking, which led them to study nutrition to help others.

Graham & Giselle are committed to your success, and they are confident that with their support you can vastly improve your nutrition, your health, and in turn your life. Help2Grow provides the support network to help ensure your success.

Help2Grow appreciates the value of a one-to-one interactions. Graham & Giselle believe that true connection and lasting changes will only come about through developing a genuine connection to your health coach, and allowing them to be your coach, mentor and biggest supporter in your health, nutrition and wellness journey.

Because of this, they does not just sign you up to an online programme, send you some materials and leave you to work it out on your own. Completely committed to your success, Graham and Giselle are confident that working together on a one-to-one basis, we can vastly improve your health and in turn your life.

Help2Grow was created to help people in a wide variety of ways, starting with health and nutrition. Graham and Giselle’s coaching approach is to help you grow your whole life and to be the best you that you can be.

Wellness Goals

Graham & Giselle will dig deep with you to discover your goals and encourage small changes to attain a healthy lifestyle.

Personalised Plan

They will work with you to create a plan specific to your health and wellness needs

Personal Coaching

Graham & Giselle will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you achieve your goals.

The Help2Grow Coaching Process

Graham & Giselle help you to identify the areas that need change, set goals, make a plan and support you while holding you accountable.

Getting to know you


In-depth discussion


Analysis and plan


Fortnightly catch-ups

Help2Grow Recipe For Wellness
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