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Giselle McLachlan - Help2Grow NZ

Giselle McLachlan

I plant the seeds of advice, courage, business tools and sensitive support to help directors and business owners to make decisions, grow their business and think strategically so that they can harvest healthy results in the years ahead.’

A governance and leadership specialist, with an eye on the strategic horizon as well as on the ground each business needs, I am open to consulting projects and project leadership, independent directorships and chair positions.

Here’s a little of what I’ve done, and what I help my clients do too:

  • Govern companies and not-for-profit entities through change, both good times and bad
  • Create positive, healthy company environments
  • Help merge, sell and buy businesses
  • Future-proof companies for changing economic times and trends
  • Diversify income streams and teams for more resilient businesses
  • Lead teams, with passion and purpose and an eye to sustainable growth

My background:

  • Been a lawyer for decades, an insurance executive, a CEO and General Manager – oh and a mother, wife, friend and health coach too
  • Became a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Directors (yep, even women are Fellows)
  • Now a virtual business coach
  • Facilitated hundreds of days of workshops and training sessions
  • Lived all over the world and now in the southern countryside for almost a decade
I love taking the “bored” out of board meetings – and out of work generally! I also help businesses keep sight of key ingredients including compassion, balance, and resilience while acting as a safe person to talk to about the difficult decisions required today.  My discretion, honesty, empathy and enthusiasm have made a big difference to a lot of people. You can trust me with your information, your opinions, your problems and your business.

Please contact me [email protected] if you need fresh ideas and honest insights that grow opportunities; strategies and solutions and new ways of working with your team.

Graham Clarke - Help2Grow NZ

Graham Clarke

For more than 30 years, I was a sheep and beef farmer. After making the transition from traditional farming to organic farming/export, I stepped out of the paddock to serve in various governance roles on agri-business boards.

Some might say soil runs through my veins. Others would add that I’m like a dog with a bone when it comes to doing the right thing.

After seeing first-hand how closely nutrition, lifestyle and the environment are related, I firmly believe that the future of our nation’s health and productivity depends on biologically active soils, providing nutrient dense food.

Research shows chronic disease is closely linked to what we eat/how we nourish ourselves. I trained as a health coach to share this knowledge. But the challenge is bigger than making individual health choices.

Farming provides the foundation for our nation’s nutrition and economy and in true grass-roots fashion, it’s time to change the status quo.

As a Health & Environmental Solutions-Finder, I work with individuals and organisations in a variety of roles:

  • Agent sourcing agri products for a German client
  • Co-founder of Help2Grow Ltd, helping people meet their health and business objectives
  • Agricultural Mentor & Thought Leader: spreading the word about how to tackle change.

I’m now on a mission to help New Zealanders understand that we can “save the world by the forkful” and change our health and environment by how we farm and feed ourselves.

marcella collins help2grow

Marcella Collins

With a background in tourism, technology and office management, Marcella is our “behind the scenes” person who makes sure everything happens!

Marcella enjoys learning more about leadership and governance from one of the best. She is kept busy working with a variety of clients with different needs along with the exciting projects we have in the pipeline.

With a passion for healthy living, Marcella has experience in Health Coaching along with a Personal Training and Exercise Nutrition certificate.

Marcella lives in Queenstown where she loves to spend time being active in the mountains – snowboarding, hiking and biking.

Support Team

Led by Graham, our Support Team of Eva, Zuzana, Monica and Lucie manage 24 hour care of our disabled client in Wanaka.

Eva has worked for Help2Grow as a carer for over 3 years.  They all bring passion for health, exercise and a fulfilling life to their roles.

Allie is our Support Team co-ordinator, working remotely.  She is a communication and project management specialist, with a journalism background.  Allie is the glue who binds our team with healthy and helpful processes and sheer joy of life.

Our team work hard to ensure our client’s nutritional, physical and emotional needs are met to help him live his best possible life.

Help2Grow are the support network you need to help ensure your success.

The Help2Grow team believes that everyone can benefit from genuine support and investment.  Whether you want to shift some aspect of your personal life, introduce change in your business life or become the best director you can be – you might enjoy having our help.  We get behind your success, sharing our care and attention. Our help goes beyond addressing the specific challenges you face right now and we invest in long term relationships.

Discover a newer, healthier you with Help2Grow.

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